Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My New Years Resolutions

2012 was an amazing year for me.

You caught me, I love Toy Story. 
And, interesting hats.
I got my start working in the radio industry. I started my final year of post-secandary education (for a long time). I celebrated 2 years of dating my wonderful boyfriend. I traveled across Canada (well, Calgary - Halifax) twice. And, I lost 40lbs.

If you have not read any of my other blog posts you can find out more about my keto lifestyle change in earlier posts. I now have more energy, I feel well and I am more productive than ever. No more naps, no more sugar dependancy. 

When December 31 rolled around I was not really ready to set my New Years resolutions. I usually never really follow through with all them but last year I managed to cross one of my list. The weight loss the one I had been trying to tackle for years. At 200 lbs, I really couldn't let it go another year. 

It took me a while, I really wanted to put thought and effort into making my list this year. Its a big year. 2013 I will be starting my career and leaving school hopefully forever. My boyfriend and I have some big trips we are about to tackle and finding a permanent home somewhere in this country will also come to play. 

That is why I staggered my goals this year, most have unique timeframes (for the first time I am free from the dreaded weight loss/gym routine):

-Refresh my Spanish for our trip to San Diego
-Finish my radio major project before my 24th birthday
-Be the best student possible (go to all remaining classes)

I usually refresh my goals after a couple months to see what is working and what isn't. This is also important for celebrating completed goals. For me, short term goal making works better than the full year. 

Over my Christmas Vacation from school I read Wheat Belly by William Davis. It really made me re-afirm how important it is (for me) to live a low-carb lifestyle. Though I miss sour candies, being able to pop a pizza in the oven and donuts; I am so happy in my own skin now. I did not include this in my resolutions because for me this change in diet is a lifestyle change. 

After Christmas, I was shocked. I weighed in my lightest weight yet. I hadn't checked in a few months but I expected to put on a few pounds while living at home with carb-lovers, instead I weighed in at my lowest point yet: 159lbs. 

Good luck with your New Years goals!