Monday, February 10, 2014

Steak Me Home Tonight: Pan Fried Garlic Butter Steak

We eat a lot of steak, it is one of our favourite dishes to make. Pretty much all of our favourite veg
options go perfectly and a good steak does not need much for seasoning.

One of the big problems we have in our tiny apartment is that we do not have room for a grill or barbecue, our favourite ways to cook steak. We have to pan fry all of our steaks.

This pan-fried garlic butter steak is incredibly quick and easy to make, we have it at least once a week. Sometimes we add a little ghost pepper salt just to spice things up.

The side dish I have pictured with the steak is prosciutto wrapped asparagus, a super easy side. It is perfect for someone who is trying to get into eating more vegetables. 

-1 steak of your choice
-1 tbsp garlic butter
-season to taste with salt and pepper

1. Heat garlic butter on medium until it has melted and the pan is throughly hot.
2. Season each side to taste and fry on each side for 3 minutes this should give you a medium-rare steak (times may vary depending on stove and how you like steak cooked).
3. Let the steak rest for five minutes and then enjoy!

Nutritional Information:
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