Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keto Garlic Fingers

Pie pan keto garlic fingers.
Okay, another not so new recipe. But, a great variation of the low carb pizza recipe I posted previously.

If you are like me and from the east coast of Canada you know pizza is always better with garlic fingers. So I use half of my thick crust pizza recipe to make garlic fingers and half to make pizza. This fits perfectly in two pie pans.

So, whats so different? Well, not much. This actually has fewer carbs than the pizza. Instead of pizza sauce use garlic butter.

You can find garlic butter specifically at some grocery stores or you can make it (to taste) by mixing garlic and butter; then melting it in the microwave. I add Italian Seasoning or oregano as well.

Pie pan low-carb pizza. 
After spreading the butter mixture on the cooled crust add cheese (and bacon if you like) like a pizza.

Just a few changes to the pizza recipe and you have garlic fingers, a great side dish!

Here's the link to the crust recipe. Enjoy!