Friday, May 24, 2013

Flatouts: Making A Packed Lunch Possible Again!

As you may have read I started my keto life in Calgary, Alberta. It was a big change when I moved back to Halifax, Nova Scotia four months later. I had shed some serious pounds and was fully committed to my new low-carb life.

There was one tiny problem... I had gotten used to having some special products found at diabetic resource stores that I could not buy in Nova Scotia. One of those things was super high fibre tortilla bread.

But, after being back on the east coast for about eight months I discovered Flatout's "Foldit"at my small town grocery store. I was THRILLED.

Not only do they taste great, they are loaded with fibre!

Finally, I could have the sandwiches again. Not that I missed them that badly (once and a while the odd clubhouse craving will spark but that is about it). My real problem was packing lunches for internship and school. Everyday I would fuss over leftovers (if there were any left from the night before) or have to buy lunch (costly when you make $0).

I am so excited to have Flatout products in my life. They still have some carbs, but they keep me under my 20g a day limit. I have found them in both Nova Scotia and in supermarkets in Alberta (yes, I am back in Calgary now).

The entire line available in Canada and one of my favourite uses, mini pizzas! 

For more information about Flatouts including where you can find them visit!