Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lettuce Wrapped Tacos

This is a super easy taco fix, perfect when you need to pig out and eat six tacos and not feel too guilty for cheating. Not much to tell on this one, not an original post (most people can figure this one out on their own).

-1lb ground beef
-1 Head of Boston lettuce
-Shredded Cheese (I use tex mex)
-Sour Cream (optional)
-Salsa (optional)
-Seasonings for meat (to taste):
   -chili peppers
   -cheyenne peppers
-Hot Sauce
-Toppings to taste

-Fry up the beef and then season to taste in the pan with seasonings and hot sauce.
-Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes.
-Grate cheese.
-Separate lettuce leaves on a plate.
-Add meat and your favourite toppings and sauces to the lettuce.

You can switch up the meat you use to, we have also made tacos with pulled pork (pictured below).
If you need a pulled pork recipe click here.